Wall Decals and Wall Stickers: Everything You Need to Know

When you do a quick search on Google it’s pretty hard to clear up what these terms mean, so I thought I’d pen a quick blog about it! 

Stickers Stick

As the name suggests, a sticker is something that sticks to your wall with some type of glue. Once you peel the backing paper away you can stick it to just about any surface you want. Just make sure to buy a top-quality sticker so you don’t have to clean up any leftover glue when you decide to move it to get the new nursery just right!  

Example of a wall sticker

Decals get Transferred

Most people will use ‘decal’ to mean a sticker, but there’s a subtle difference when you look into it. Decals involve a third surface known as a transfer surface that’s used to apply the design to the wall. This allows them to come in multiple different parts, like if you wanted to spell out your kid name on the little one’s bedroom wall. The transfer surface would make sure every letter is perfectly aligned with the rest, saving you plenty of headaches in the process. 

name wall stickers
Example of a wall decal

Wait…One More Thing

Different parts of the world will use these terms differently, so make sure you know what you’re buying if it’s crucial to you. Some people will call a decal a ‘sticker,’ others will call a sticker a ‘decal,’ and some people even use the phrase ‘transfer sticker’ as if the life of a mom wasn’t tricky enough! 

Here’s 3 pro tips that will help you get to the bottom of things: 

  • Check to see if there’s a transfer surface 
  • Look at how they stick to the wall: is there an adhesive or glue?
  • If you’re still not sure, just pop us a quick message 

Does it Really Matter?

To be honest, all that matters is you’re happy with your interior design efforts. You can call our products whatever you like as long as you find something you fall in love with the moment you walk in the room!